Thursday, October 6, 2011

Voting can be fun

Its always interesting to know opinion of other people on entertaining topics. Various news websites post online polls to gauge user sentiments about a certain headline. How about if you have the power to create and vote on a poll and have the ability to share it with a wider audience worldwide. Wayin attempts to do just that and in real-time.

Wayin is a startup launched by Scott McNealy, founder of Sun Microsystems. Wayin is a virtual sentiment sharing app available on mobile devices like iPod, iPhone, Android. Using the app users can create a post with image and question and share it with global Wayin community. The post is available instantly for other people to vote. The posts are intended to gauge user sentiment on variety of topics ranging from entertainment to sports. It also serves as a gaming platform where people can earn points by creating and answering posts. Here are some posts:

To learn more, here is a video from Scott McNealy about the service.

Check it out, getting started is very easy.

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